Adventures in My Ex-Boyfriend’s Sleepwalks

Taking a break from the long posts I’ve been writing, let’s have some light fun and reminiscing of the good moments I had in my life.

Nicholas Henry Holiday and I would sleep together nearly every night, and I quickly found out that he sleepwalks. There wasn’t a single night we slept together that he didn’t wake me up. I thought I’d share the first time it had ever happened to me.

I’ll probably make separate posts about each goofy time it happened, but to keep this from being unnecessarily long, we’ll stick to the very first incident.

Needless to say, I was caught off guard and it freaked me out. We were on the second floor lounge of Mellwitt Hall when he had fallen asleep in my arms on the couch. I was working diligently on my article for the paper, and then all of a sudden he springs up in panic. His eyes were wide– like that time I watched him take ecstasy– and he glared at me. It was terrifying. He started nonsensically babbling, and frantically looking around. I began to speak to him slowly as I backed away to move onto another couch. It was like approaching a wild animal.

“What was that, Nick?” I had asked as though he were a small child, setting my computer gently down on the coffee table.

“All I know is that there’s a lighter over there.” His eyes pointed to the armchair on his left. There was definitely not a lighter over there.

“Nick, are you awake?”

“Yes.” He most definitely was not.

“Who am I?”

“You’re…” It was almost as though he was looking through me, trying to discern who the girl sitting across from him was, “You’re Luna.”

He actually woke up about few minutes later; I asked him just about 50 times to make sure. I couldn’t exactly tell when he had drifted into consciousness again, but I just knew that, by the time he left the lounge, he was awake. Embarrassed, he explained later that he had been sleepwalking since he was a child, and that I shouldn’t pay any mind to it.

After that first time, I definitely didn’t, and I would look forward to the wacky things he would say while he was a sleep. It’s a little evil, but I would ask him questions, and indulge his unconscious mind to humor myself. Sometimes, I would tickle his back or tug on his hair to see if he’d say anything. Don’t worry, I would always tell him what I had done the night before, so we’d have a good laugh about it in the morning. I’m not so evil as to not tell him, but I definitely enjoyed milking out his non-REM cycle thoughts more than I should.

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