Silly Nick Holiday!

Thought I’d share a funny short update on Nicholas Henry Holiday here, for the three people on here who’ve been following my life.

If you want a refresher, rereading the preface (AKA my first three-or-so paragraphs) of my On College Loneliness and My First College Boyfriend post would give all the context needed for this.

I was on Instagram about two days ago, looking at the stories my friends were posting, when I see an update from Nick Holiday. Upon clicking it, I bursted out laughing:

Selling Cartier earrings – never worn – $650

Behind the caption was a photo of the earrings he’d been aching to wear for about a month now, complete in their shiny, tacky, and bedazzled glory.

He had gotten his left ear pierced about a week after we broke up, and part of me felt like that was partially to spite me, considering I’d always thought they were ridiculous. I’ll never know. Nevertheless, I can’t believe he’s selling them! Ha! I wonder what changed his mind. Some small voice in the back of my head wants to believe part of it was me.

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