I Want A Second Date

A month ago, a boy asked me out for coffee. I take that back. Not just any boy. I’m talking about the most perfect mold of a human being that I’ve ever laid eyes on: Charles E. Stetson. For context, this boy was the boy in my first semester psychology class whom I wrote extensively about in November for being so freaking attractive (See my …To my Future Husband blog post). A true prince. Tall with curly blonde locks, perfectly chiseled features, and pale blue eyes that could make any girl melt. So forgive me for essentially liquefying into a pool of water when he asked me out.

It started after a party I went to a couple months ago that he so happened to be attending. Drunk out of my mind, I approached him to reminisce about our final psych project. Fate had brought us together once before as partners for that assignment, and although my schoolgirl crush had subsided by the time I’d approached him at the party, fate seemed to have pushed us together once again. We chatted for a little and then parted ways.

About an hour later I got a text in my Instagram DMs from him that read, “We should talk more :)”

My schoolgirl crush very quickly resurfaced. This beautiful man suggested that we talked beyond class. Is he interested in me?

As hopeful as I had been, we didn’t text very much after that. At least not until a few weeks later when he sent me a meme that referenced our final psych project. I responded laughing, and where most people would have left the message on read, he seemed eager to continue the conversation. We ended up talking every day for weeks. There was a little bit of flirting here and there– he’d tell me how happy he was that I asked to be partnered with him for psych, how he’d seen me around campus and thought I was attractive, and how he was interested in getting to know me better– but overall he remained very respectful and kind. I’d learned about his hobbies and his family and his political views and his life philosophies. We shared a similar sense of humor, played off of each others jokes perfectly, and had near identical views on the world. Talking to Charlie felt so effortless and natural.

One time, I had teased him about a job he didn’t get hired for and he joked back about how I’d hurt his feelings.

Aww, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. How can I make it up to you?

I guess you’ll have to be extra nice to me when we grab coffee…

Considering it was the second time he’d brought up coffee, I knew he meant it. We set up a date and time and when the day came we met up at a cafe and talked for three hours straight. We recommended books, must-see movies, and had what I thought was a great time. Eventually, we both got hungry and went to grab dinner together. A total of five hours went by before we went about the rest of our day.

He texted me first afterwards to ask how I was doing, and we texted for the next week or two. It fizzled out on its own because we both got pretty busy with classwork I presume, but I was confused. He hadn’t asked me out again even though he seemed to still want to talk to me. What was he waiting for? Did it go better in my head? 5 hours is a long time to suffer through someone’s company, so that had to mean something right? It’s also worth mentioning he made no attempts at flirting or romance over coffee. It was two normal people having a very long conversation, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d effed up big time.

A big issue I had was not knowing his intentions. He’d just gotten out of a committed relationship before he texted me, so I wasn’t sure if his courtship of me was just for a hookup or something more. Maybe he just wanted another friend– I don’t know. He liked my most recent Instagram photo (which is the photo featured), so I know he hasn’t completely lost interest. My goal is to salvage whatever our relationship was, because I haven’t felt like I connected with someone so effortlessly since I met my friend Toph in the beginning of the year. I gave the book he recommended me a read, so maybe I’ll text him today. Fate clearly has been on my side thus far, and I’ve taken things super slowly, but maybe it’s time for me to take the reigns and go after what I want.

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